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IGS Services include innovative web development using MS technologies, assist customers in​ their SharePoint investments and train their staff in utilizing SharePoint extensively beyond the few applications and use its real potential.

Setting up Infrastructure including hardware(Virtualization, Networking,VPN ), disaster recovery systems, software (OS, Applications, SQL) configuration and other related services.

Work hand-in-hand with customers in attaining new age cloud integration with focus on increasing return on investments (ROI).

  • Vision

    To be solution partners in customers IT endeavours

  • Mission

    To assist companies in making key business decisions, support business process management (BPM), technology implementation to meet their IT goals and provide professional training.

  • Quality Policy

    IGS, strives to be highly responsive to clients needs and on-time delivery of projects or services. We aim to continuously improve on our services and become our client's partners-in-progress.

About IGS

IGS is a technology based company with specialization in browser based applications. Our vast experience in the development of solutions based on SharePoint in the industry span for over 10 years since SharePoint 2003, with core applications built for the Government, Legal, Insurance firms, Construction companies and health care sectors.

We have helped clients in migration from legacy to new platforms, build core applications that support back office automation, improve efficiency and save dollars.


IGS is a powerful end-2-end solutions company


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Services we offer

We Do More


    We offer professional advice on how to fully optimize resources and increase revenue with the help of our solution(s). With more then 10 years of domain knowledge, expertise and experience in the education and training industry, we are able to share with our clients the industry's best practices. we can conduct requirement gathering study and preparation of functional specifications for the purpose of invite tenders or request for proposal.


    As part of our implementation services, we provide the fallowing to our clients-
    Gap Analysis
    Requirement Study
    System Design & Development
    System Configuration
    Preformance / Load / Intigration / User Acceptance Testing
    Parallel Run
    Maintenance And Support


    User Training
    We offer on-site and off-site instructor-led classroom training complete with user guides and training manuals to ensure that our clients are able to reailze the full potential of our solution.With a trainer to trainee ratio of not more then 1 to 10, our clients are assured of an effective and efficient learning environment where all participants will have sufficient hands-on practice.
    Help Desk
    We can station IGS personnal with the relevent domain expertise and the appropriate personality fulltime in our clients permises to man the helpdesk for a specified duration after the commissioning of the system to address all support issues.clients support personnal shall be designated to shadow this person in order to learn the tips and tricks in rendering support for the system after our departure.


    Backed by a team of experienced Project Managers, Our project Methodology ensures adherence to scope, schedule and budget, As our PMs understand all micro and macro challenges faced by our clients, they will be able to empathize and manage the users. They will also act as catalysts and change agents to bring about the desired outcome of the project.

  • DATA

    we provice data migration tools which can move data effectively between source and destination.with a tested and proven Migration and QA Plan in place, our clients can validate that all migrated data have beed properly and accutately translated.


    we provide interface with other external systems(to our solution) to create seamless end-to-end solution for our clients. we recommend interfacing with fallowing external systems,if applicable-
    Finance Management System
    HR System
    E-Learing System
    Online Payment
    E-Attendance System
    Optical Mark Readers
    E-Signature Pads

IGS4 Circles And Global Engagement

IGS is a powerful end-2-end solutions company and network and global engagement enable us to serve across boundaries allowing us to manage geographical business diversities and customer’s global requirements.


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Works with intellect group solutions nerver disappoints.

An environment where globally-minded professioanls can thrive.

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